Dr Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is an Educational, Developmental and Counselling Psychologist, a registered classroom teacher and a special education teacher.

She holds a a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and a Masters degree in Education from the University of New South Wales, an Honours degree in Applied Linguistics and a Graduate Diploma in Counselling. She is a member of the  Colleges of Educational Psychology and Counselling Psychology.

Jennifer has had extensive experience as a university lecturer to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the schools of psychology and education at the University of New South Wales, Western Sydney University and the Australian College of Applied Psychology, where she currently continues to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students. Alongside her teaching, Jennifer continues to run a private practice for children and adolescents.

Jennifer is registered with the New South Wales Department of Education as a classroom teacher and school counsellor. She is also a qualified English teacher and Special Education teacher with many years of experience in both elementary and high school classrooms. She is associated with a school in the Western suburbs of Sydney, where she works with refugee children and those in need.

Jennifer regularly contributes to the online newspapers, Early Learning Review and Education Review. She published the well acclaimed book, BUT I’M NOT TIRED! The nature of sleep and how to nurture it in children and teenagers. Her writing, teaching and counselling practices are a testament to her passionate interest in all areas of child and adolescent development.