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But I'm Not Tired! Jennifer S. Smith Ph.D“BUT I’M NOT TIRED!” is the book for the thousands of parents whose children and teenagers don’t sleep well enough, or for long enough.

Dr. Jennifer Smith draws on scientific research and her vast experience as a leading child and adolescent psychologist to describe how good sleep hygiene recharges young people’s brains to the max. She also shows how sleep can enhance their lives in every imaginable way. Better still, she guides parents through the most effective ways to nurture sleep in their young people.

“Dream on!” you groan? “My kids just say: But I’m not tired!”

Jennifer understands these difficulties, because she hears about them in her practice on a daily basis. Not only does she discuss these issues in her book, she also offers the most successful, practical strategies to resolve a variety of sleep problems in children and teenagers.

Written in a simple, entertaining style, BUT I’M NOT TIRED! distills the information into an easy read for tired parents, who just want their young people to sleep well.


The Sleep Coach

Congratulations on a well written, easy to read book!

‘BUT I’M NOT TIRED’ is packed with researched information.

This book is certainly one of the best written and easy to understand books I have read.

The different challenges parents face with their children, on sleep or behavior, are clearly explained, with solutions and guidelines to  empower parents with knowledge and a direction in which to tackle sleep situations. A great advantage of this book is that it covers  toddlers to teenagers. I would recommend this book to anyone with total confidence.

Cheryl Fingleson, The Sleep Coach

The Teacher

BUT I’M NOT TIRED! The nature of sleep, and how to nurture it in children and teenagers

By Jennifer S. Smith Ph.D.

Dr Smith provides a wealth of information in a book that treads a middle line between a well-researched academic work and a guide for parents that is a lot more than ‘Ten easy tips that will work tonight’. She has done this presumably because the latter is not realistic and knowledge is power; really understanding what promotes and hinders sleep respectively are necessary to promote lasting change.

The book charts the course of what sleep is about, how much is needed, what gets in the way of a good night, why sleep is essential and how to address reluctance to sleep and cries of ‘But I’m not tired’.

The research seems thorough and well referenced and the main points are illustrated and highlighted by anecdotes and cartoons. Some parts of the book are an easy read; others require more concentration. Because sleep affects so many other aspects of life and learning, there is reference to a range of issues that, once mentioned, are then discussed

Each chapter is clearly outlined to assist in navigation. One does not have to read the book cover to cover to find information about a particular issue. Nonetheless, for those who want a comprehensive rundown of the latest research and a well-respected practioner’s knowledge of what really works, I recommend this book as a worthwhile source.

Dr Lynn Joffe.

The sleep researcher

The book BUT I’M NOT TIRED! by Dr Jennifer Smith is a nice introductory “how to” reference guide for parents struggling to get their children to sleep. This book provides the reader with a good general understanding of the physiology of sleep and underlying causes of many of the common sleep disorders. Dr Smith uses a balance of clinical anecdote and scientific research to help deliver key messages and provide useful tips. The book is easy to read and the chapter summaries provide an excellent summary for on-going reference.

Dr Biggs, Post-Doctoral Paediatric Fellow, Monash Institute of Medical Research and board member of the Australasian Sleep Association:


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