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February 2, 2019

  100 per cent of the PROFITS from sales of BUT I’M NOT TIRED! are donated to the Rehoboth Foster Care Village, established in South Africa to care for orphaned or abandoned children living with HIV.  So far AUD $2,000 has been donated to Rehoboth for the purchase of the bus, pictured below, but much more is needed. PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT for the children of Rehoboth by purchasing a copy of BUT I’M NOT TIRED! for anyone interested in the…

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Child sexual abuse in Australia: By definition, a glass mostly empty

April 4, 2018

Most Australians would be highly distressed by the outcomes of the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse (2017). The most trusted and revered of institutions like the Church and a few esteemed schools have been exposed as participants in the crime against children. It’s not surprising then, that non-institutional child sexual abuse (NCSA) is currently on the public’s radar. With the horrified look of dreaded uncertainty, a number of parents have recently warned me about their…

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Sibling Rivalry is a Triple-Edged Sword

March 28, 2017, Thursday 7 April 2011. The Milliband siblings It’s a long time ago now and the world is a very different place, but does anyone remember the 2011 newspaper photograph of the hugging brothers, David and Edward Milliband (above)? Their congratulatory embrace occurred  just after the younger Edward defeated David in the election for leader of the British Labour party. There is something admirable about the Milliband brothers’ generous gesture of sibling support – the older David so gracious in…

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Millennial David Is Too Hurried To Sleep

July 30, 2015

QANDAKIDS CONSULT Kate, David’s mother, was one of many parents who inspired the section on ‘hurriedness’ in my book, BUT I’M NOT TIRED! The nature of sleep and how to nurture it in children and teenagers. David’s difficulty Eight-year-old David suffers from a common condition that I call ‘hurriedness’. At our first session, he slumped back into one of my armchairs and languidly listened to his mum, Kate, describe him as a bubbly, hyperactive, restless and oppositional child. Kate’s portrayal…

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6 things you need to know about Minion madness.

July 29, 2015

QANDAKIDS QUESTION : “My quite aggro alpha male four-year-old is obsessed with the Minions, but I worry that they aren’t a good role model for him?  QANDAKIDS REPLY: I totally get your concern. For those who don’t have young children, the photograph above is of a Minion; a popular children’s movie character. Minions are essentially impulsive pranksters. Like over-tired kids at a chaotic birthday party, their behaviour is often aggressive, rowdy, giggly, annoying and – sometimes endearing. So, they’re probably…

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Politically correct policemen are quick to lip-cuff

August 1, 2014

Lip-cuffing I use the term lip-cuff to describe the lip equivalent of handcuff. Lip-cuffing is used by the Political Correctness Police Force (PCPF) to silence people when the crime is a statement that the PCPF deem to be politically incorrect. The newish cool term that the PCPF  use to describe politically incorrect behaviour is microaggression. Microaggressive speakers are shamed into lip-cuffed silence, even when the speakers have no intention of insulting anyone. For example, a member of the PCPF recently…

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